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As operator and aircraft manager, we understand that aircraft owners have their unique objectives and requirements. All aircraft owners are concerned about operating costs and are looking for ways to control costs whilst improving the productivity of their aircrafts and maintaining aircraft airworthiness.
How we can help

How we can help

SPA can help aircraft owners maximize the productivity of their aircraft in number of ways:
  • Commercial Chartering under SPA GACAR 121 SU.
  • Operating a floating-base business model to improve hour-to-cycle ratio and minimize ferry flights, whenever possible and subject to owner approval.
  • Interrogating every aspect of aircraft operation and proposing ways to minimize costs and improving efficiency.
  • Taking advantage of SPA economies of scale in fueling, ground services, safety & regulations, insurance, geographic presence… etc.
How we can help

The benefits to aircraft owner

Saudi Private Aviation
A vast network of partners around the globe will ensure the best services at competing prices
Saudi Private Aviation
24/7 professional Chartering, Flight operation and client servicing team
Saudi Private Aviation
Competitive fuel and insurance rates (if the aircraft is under SPA AOC)
Saudi Private Aviation
Competitive HOTAC rates
Saudi Private Aviation
Discounts on-ground services rates (SPA self-handling stations)
Saudi Private Aviation
Availability of inflight service crew at favorable rates
Saudi Private Aviation
Compliance assurance
Saudi Private Aviation
Access to state-of-the-art digital platform

Should I charter my aircraft?

Many aircraft owners are considering enlisting their aircraft with Saudia Private Aviation. Commercially chartering aircraft can help owners offset some of the operating costs. SPA has a professional team who will ensure that owner objectives are met. There are, however, advantages and disadvantages to commercially chartering private aircraft:


  • Financial management, tracking, and reporting.
  • Less expensive way to fly your aircraft through applying a cost-control approach to your valuable asset.
  • Chartering your aircraft is a good way to offset the cost of owning and operating an aircraft.
  • More savings by getting a discounted rates on ground handling, logistics, insurance, fuel…
  • Minimizing the amount of time that your aircraft sits on the ground and requires oversight is a huge boon to your bottom line.


  • This is a market where supply exceeds demand.
  • Chartering your aircraft shouldn't necessarily earn pure profits.
  • Aircraft can't be used whenever the owner wants to use it.
  • Even during scheduled maintenance, aircraft usually ends up with little extra cost due to non-routine findings.
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