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EBACE: Saudia Private Aviation

EBACE: Saudia Private Aviation takes delivery of Falcon 7X

Saudi Arabian Airlines took a major step forward with its ambitious private jet programme today when it took delivery of its first of four Dassault 7X long-range business jets.
Two more are to be delivered during this year and a fourth in 2011.
Wadji Abdullah Al-Idrissi, vice-president royal and VIP affairs for Saudia Private Aviation (SPA), says the business was carved out of the airline a year ago but "the company has 60 years of experience in VIP operations.
"The Falcon 7X was chosen out of many options. It is unique. It does not require a long runway, which saves valuable time by being able to land at lower traffic airports."
SPA will be operating the aircraft on a global basis, being able to reach New York and Rio de Janeiro from Jeddah.