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SPA launches first (IFE) iPad app

Saudia Private Aviation (SPA) a top-tier international luxury flight services provider headquartered in Jeddah - KSA, has launched today its Inflight Entertainment System (IFE App) on iPad.

The app will be provided on board its fleet of Falcon 7X aircraft with three engines long-range aircraft and Hawker 400XP business tasks.

SPA is the first Arabian private aviation company to launch the (IFE APP) system. This step proves SPA’s leadership by always offering its elite clientele the best innovation and technology. It is worth mentioning that the application includes the following:

1.       Holy Quran

2.       Traveling Doaa, Voice and Picture

3.       Company introduction

4.       List of aircrafts that SPA leases

5.       Safety card for booth Falcon and Hawker

6.       SPA latest news

7.       Clients can choose his/her daily e-newspaper over 2500 with multi languages.

8.       Video & Audio programs

9.       Games

10.   New portfolio for the client or he/she can update their previous file

11.   Calculate distances between airports

12.   Partners such luxury hotels and luxury cars where client can book his/her hotel room and rent a car from the company of car rental throughout a special link for their needs.

13.   Request for a new flight

14.   Client feedback on his/her private flight

15.   The program can be used in Arabic or English

One of the main advantages of this application that it works offline in order to cut costs; which is what Saudia Private Aviation sought by launching an application that is a real challenge to any other application. During the journey, the client will be notified automatically through the same application. The client can also fill out a survey of his/her satisfaction of the services provided throughout the flight. .


The Saudia Private Aviation is keen to have the survey present on board its aircrafts to give its clients the chance to collect their feedback on the service provided by SPA, and enhance the communication with the client directly and improve service where the Department concerned to carry out their duty as soon as they are received. This survey is transferred from the device to the SPA hosts.


In the event of any change in the client's profile in terms of communication or in his/her favorite meals through this application will be reflected automatically on existing Saudia Private Aviation’s web site


Mr. Wajdi Abdullah Al Idrisi Managing Director of Saudia Private Aviation and member of the Board Middle East Business Aviation (MEBA) has privileged Saudi Telecom company (STC) Business Unit as an exclusive sponsor for this application and providing logistical support to provide hardware and connectivity through STC network that are used in providing this application featured at the Convention concluded between the two parties during last GITEX held in Dubai.