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SPA sign a memorandum of understanding with SAPTCO Limo

Al Jazeera - Riyadh:

Proceeding from the principle of partnership and cooperation pursued by each of Air Arabia's SPA - one of the new services and deals launched by Saudi Arabian Airlines, which offers rental services of private jets to customers of dignitaries and SAPTCO Limo - one of the strategic projects of the Saudi Arabian Public Transport, which provides services, luxury car rental driver in a professional manner derived forces from the bedrock of the company in the area of ​​transport, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding between the parties under which the Saudi Public Transport SAPTCO Limo transportation luxury car with the driver for customers Air Arabia's SPA so as to enhance the march of the distinctive services offered by the parties for their clients.

Has signed a memorandum of understanding for Air Arabia's SPA Professor / and grandfather Abdullah Al-Idrisi, Assistant Director-General of the affairs and property of senior figures and the Saudi Public Transport Manager SAPTCO Limo Professor / Khaldoun Mohammed bin Rashid Alhsna.

He told Mr. Wajdi Al-Idrisi Director-General of the affairs of the Royal and VIP and General Supervisor of Air Arabia's SPA that this step comes continue to march and service offered by Air Arabia's SPA to our customers, where the search is always for integration and excellence in all that provide our customers with services that transcend the level of our expectations in satisfaction with partners and allies, with extensive experience position as Saudi Public Transport.

In this sense, (SPA) has the most luxurious private jets (Business Jet) Falcon (FALCON 7X) and a range of up to more than (10) hours of flying and of advanced technology to add to the fleet process (HAWKER 400XP) Add this to secure the operation of aircraft management services, as well as non-aviation ground services.

For his part, Mr. Khaldoun Alhsna Director SAPTCO Limo that the distinctive services offered by (SAPTCO Limo) targeting airports, airlines, luxury hotels, banks and organizers of events and conferences in addition to the major pilgrimage and other companies within the finest transportation services in the Kingdom. He also noted that the first steps for the conclusion of this agreement that emerged from the observation that the clients of Air Arabia's SPA and customers SAPTCO Limo are the clients involved, adding that he will be under this Convention to provide superior service to customers Air Arabia private sectors through the provision of luxury cars of new models, according to demand and drivers privileged and trained to the highest level and around the clock, ensuring quality of delivery of this service and integration for the convenience of our customers.