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Saudia Private Aviation sponsors EXCS

For The Second Time Saudia Private Aviation sponsors EXCS 5th International Luxury Motor Show in Riyadh

Saudia Private Aviation (SPA), an affiliate of Saudi Arabian Airlines, is the main sponsor of the upcoming 5th edition of “EXCS International Luxury Motor Show”, which will be held at Riyadh Four Season Hotel in October 2011.
The sponsorship contract was signed between Saudia Private Aviation (SPA) and Specialized Systems for Exhibitions and Conferences ”EXCS”, the organizer of “EXCS International Luxury Motor Show” for the fifth year in a row.
On this occasion, Wajdi El Idrissi, Assistant General Manager for Royal and VIPs Affairs, underscored the importance of the specialized exhibition which targets prominent people and the high class segment of the community, the segment that (SPA) targets through its marketing programs.
After singing the sponsorship contract, El Idrisi said “We have renewed the partnership to be a sponsor for this important motor show after the great success we have achieved in our last year at its fourth session, where we found that the sponsorship of the exhibition is an important step to put our services in such a specialized exhibition, particularly since the reputation of the exhibition in previous sessions has been extremely positive”.
 He added “We have put in service a number of private jets, such as modern and sophisticated aircraft (Hawker 400 XP) as well as aircraft (Falcon 7 X) with a range of more than 11 flight hours straight. We also added stations to the new international services”.
Meanwhile, Mr. Abdullah Al-Shamasi, CEO of Specialized Systems for Exhibitions and Conferences “EXCS”, expressed his appreciation for Saudi Arabian Airlines in general, and for (SPA) in particular, for their participation in the 5th edition of “EXCS International Luxury Motor Show” as the main sponsor. He said “The participation of a national company as large as Saudi Arabian Airlines is important for the development of a special and a distinct exhibition as “EXCS International Luxury Motor Show”, and we as organizers of this event are very proud of this sponsorship, which no doubt will have an active role in increasing the success of the exhibition and raise the level of demand for it”.
"We, as a company dedicated to excellence, shall continue in the organization of this show, which has enjoyed a great success since its first session. And with (SPA) participation, we are sure that the show will make a qualitative leap," he added. Then he stressed the importance of national companies in sponsoring national events such as the International Luxury Motor Show.