Saudia Private Aviation Faq


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Q - What kind of Aircraft do you have ?

A - We have two kind of aircraft FALCON 7X and HAWKER 400XP


This aircraft cabin can accommodate up to 14 passengers, and reach up to 11 hours of counitnus flying. Three engine aircraft with advanced military technology, providing ultimate passenger safety and luxury, is by far the best of its category



This aircraft cabin can accommodate 6 passengers with domestic and regional reach, A modern aircraft, fit perfectly for business men and women.

Q - How do we pay for the trip ?

A - We accept all different form of payments . wire transfer, credit cards and cash .

Q - Do you have other type of aircraft ?

A - We subchartes all different type of aircraft from Saudi Arabian Airlines and our strategic partners across the region .

Q - how will in advance i need to book my flight ?

A - Simply, the sooner the better with minimum of 4 Hours prior to departure .

Q - Do you have a Membership Program ?

A - Our Membership Package considered to be the most effective way to utilize private aviation services .

Q - What is the pricing calculation methodology ?

A - We charge per Hour, and the hourly rate based on the aircraft type, plus additional charges such as overnight and waiting hours would be applicable.

Q - Do you have any specific travel destination ?

A - No , we don’t have specific destination , basically you personalise your journey at your convenience time of the day .